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Power Station - Dive Site


The Power station is located off shore from the large power plant west of Kyrenia. The site is situated about 1.5 miles north of the power station. The setting is somewhat exposed so we must check the weather forecast before departing.

This is a large site and we would recommend two dives to cover the whole complex of rock formation. Rather than the classic reef structure, this reminds us of three large pyramid rock structures with many other large boulders and rocks scattered about.

The tops of the rocks are at 9 metres and extend down to 30-34 metres. As you enter the water, drop down to 9 metres and fin to the north end of the site. The bare rocks are pitted with indentations full of marine life.

Around the rock you will see striped groupers, moray eels, amberjacks, stingrays, sea breams, parrotfish and large schools of mackerel (especially in September and October). On the sandy bottom at around 30 metres you’ll find several rocks covered by colourful sponges filled with solder fish.

At the end of the site where the grass begins, there’s a large cave at 31 metres. The wide entrance and interior of the cave is decorated with a variety of colourful sponges, lobsters and small marine life. You’ll also see many black-spotted nudibranch on the sponges.

Moving to the outer edges of the site you will start to see the predominant Neptune grass. You can slowly ascend along the rock surfaces and enjoy the rich marine activity of this dive site. We never tire of this dive site.

It is a little off the beaten track and thus the marine life seems secure and abundant in their isolation. 

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